Pool Fencing Tips

Three Tips For Your next Pool Fencing Project

Tip 1) Prepare

The first thing you have to ask yourself is am I going to do this by myself or am I letting a professional doing it for me. Well, there are positives and negatives with each option. Letting a professional taking care of it you certainly are going pay a higher price, but then have the peace in mind that if something breaks in the early stages you always have a company to call.

Glass pool fencing Perth

By doing it yourself you are going to save a huge amount of money and honestly, with today’s technological advancement you don’t need to be a builder to set up a pool fence. All you need is a DIY kit and some pool and a great amount of time. DIY is becoming much more common as the price of labour these days are extremely high.

However if you are planning to build a glass pool fence by yourself you have to plan and prepare. http://crystal-fencing.com.au can help you gather all the necessary tools and materials so that the installation runs smoothly. Taking the right measurements is key for a successful installation. You have to work out if you want Frameless glass fencing or Semi frameless pool fencing. If you are building a glass fence for stairs etc what size balustrade do you need.


Tip2) Safety

Sadly enough, toddlers drowning  pool are extremely common in Australia and specially in warmer cities like Perth where many more people have outdoor pools. By installing a glass pool fence you agree to go all the way and make it secure and meet all Australian standards set for pool fencing. Glass balustrade is another fencing that many times the security is undermined and can cause foreseen accidents in balconies or stairways. Different type of glass pool fencing have different standards that has to be met. For frameless glass fencing there are different type of glass with different thickness and the same goes for semi frameless glass.

Remember that going that extra mile and spending a little bit more money is going to be well worth it in the long run. After installing a glass pool fence you will must by law have your fence examined and by using the wrong material or safety measures you might not get a permission and a green light use the pool

Visit this website for more information and regulation about pool fencing in Sydney: http://glasspoolfencingsydneyhq.com.au


Tip3 ) How much should I spend?

Well that is a question we hear a lot but the final answer always lands on the customer, how much are you willing to spend on your pool. A semi frameless glass fencing is the cheaper option but also does not look as good as a balustrade glass or a frameless glass. In Perth, it is proven that a beautiful backyard does increase the value of your house, so installing a beautiful fence is definitely going to pay off in the long run. We suggest you to consult with your local real estate and ask them how much value a beautiful backyard and swimming pool fence adds to the total price of a house when decided to go into the market.

Occasionally when looking for a competitive price you come across vendors that can offer you by far less price than the competitors and this is a warning sign. The glass pool fencing business in Australia and specially Perth is very competitive. All vendors have basically pushed their prices to the limit. All products with significantly lower prices than competitors are most like imported fences and may not fulfil the though Australian standard on glass pool fencing. You can trust glass pool fencing Perth. We only give you genuine & honest advice and the rest is up to you.