pool regulation

Pool Fencing Laws in Australia

AS 1926.1 Introduction

Australian Standard 1926.1 dictates that all States and territories in Australia will have laws that require fencing around a pool, even if it is a private facility. As glass pool fencing perth explains these laws were enacted in order to protect younger children from entering the area without the consent from the property owner. The Hills Shire Council issued a proclamation in 2010, which further built upon an original statute that was written in 1992, and directed owners of swimming pool to construct a barrier located immediately around the swimming pool area. This barrier must not contain any structures within its bounds that is not wholly ancillary to the direct function of the swimming pool. This means that the only structures that are allowed within the fencing barrier would be objects such as a diving board, ladder, filtration system, etc.

Reasoning Behind AS 1926.1

The regulation is a response to a series of concerns, incidents, and publications concerning public safety that have been trending in Australia for quite some time. An example of these publications is one written by Dr. John Culvenor, named “Design of Childproof Barriers to Prevent Falls from a Height in Public Places.” Within his publication, Culvenor explains that falling is the single highest factor to cause injury among children 0-4 years old. He says that between 1992-1993, falling led to the hospitalization of approximately 6642 young Australian toddlers. Falling is the cause of 33% of injuries for the mentioned age group. Culvenor further explains that the fall itself is not the cause of any extreme injury, and that the environment which the infant falls into presents the real hazard. Fatalities are most common for infants who fall into dangerous settings, such as a pool or street. He, and many others believed that constructing preventive barriers in these environments could reduce the number of fatalities among Australian infants. This belief is the reasoning behind Australia’s strict pool fencing laws enacted by AS 1926.1.