How To Keep Your Lawn Healthy

Green and thriving lawns serve as a beautiful backdrop for family pictures, picnics, BBQ and parties. Plus it boosts the beauty of your home as well. Here are some tips to consider when it comes to keeping your lawn healthy. To install turf grass please view this guide.

1) One-Third Rule
Burnout occurs, whenever you trim too much of your grass’s blades. When this occurs, it stresses the lawn and the grass has a difficult time growing as an end result. A good rule of thumb to remember is that you should never remove more that 1/3 of the grass’s blades.
2) Expand Your Grass’s Rooting System By Letting It Occasionally Grow Out
If you live in an area that is prone to receiving droughts, let the grass on your lawn grow out for a while before you cut it. Why ? Whenever you have long grass blades, the roots grow deeper and the end result is that during a drought, the grass’s extensive rooting system will be able to compensate and your lawn will continue to thrive even with little to no rainfall.

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3) Ensure that Your Mower Blades Are Sharp
If your lawn mower has dull blades, ultimately it will batter the grass leaving chunks everywhere. Whenever you use sharp mower blades, your lawn’s appearance is enhanced and the grass will be able to recover much sooner.
4) Apply Fertilizer
If you want a healthy green lawn, applying a fertilizer is a must. It promotes the growth and glow of your grass and will make it more resistant to pests and diseases.

5) Eliminate A Problem At the Slightest Indication
If you notice various brown circles or dry areas in certain areas of your lawn, this is an indication of a problem such as a fungal disease and or insect infestation. As soon as you notice this, contact your local weed man professional for a solution before it jeopardizes your lawn’s overall health.

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