Glass balustrade

How to Build a Glass Balustrade

To give your home a stylish, modern and elegant look, consider placing a glass balustrade on your patio or deck. The glass balustrade is perfect for home-owners because it not only offers you a one of a kind look, it is extremely durable and functional as well. You can purchase the balustrade in a kit, and have it installed on your patio in no time at all. Here are some simple steps to help you to install the kit today.

Preparing the Railing
You need to properly measure the railing to ensure it is the proper length. After you have it cut to the proper length, simply lay the cut pieces of railing on the floor and mark the floor where you will be installing it. Once you have marked the spots on the floor where the railing will lay it is time to install the glass balustrade.

Installing the Railing and Frame
To begin installing the railing, simply mount all the support brackets to the floor and walls. It is important to contact a stud so the railing will hold properly. Use a level to make sure that the entire rail will be level once in place. Then begin to secure the bottom of the framework to the floor. As long as you follow the markings showed at that you made before laying the rail, the ends of the frames will properly match up. Once you have the framework in place, simply run the level over the entire project to ensure it is properly level.