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Drogproblem i Sverige

Missbrukare kryper ner bland åldrarna

Droger är ett stort problem bland våra ungdomar där press från kompisar och svåra förhållanden under uppväxten ofta orsakar ett missbruk. Man börjar i tonåren med att dricka alkohol och sedan testar man allt tyngre droger som Cannabis, Spice och andra lite billigare typer av narkotika. Tyvärr så kan dessa vara rätt farliga speciellt för yngre människor.

Droginformation till skolor

Det är därför mycket viktigt att man satsar på förebyggande droginformation främst i skolor och andra platser där de unga befinner sig. Drogfakta informerar och ger barnen den rätta bild de behöver av narkotika som inte bygger på vad kompisar säger eller hört av andra.

Intervjuer med missbrukare

Det finns flera föredetta missbrukare och organisationer ( , Drogfritt, Droginfo ) som åker runt på skolor och undervisar barn om droger. Det finns också kampanjer mot droger där man jobbar förebyggande och sprider information om detta.


 Gratis droginformtion

Det finns flera hemsidor i Sverige där man kan läsa om nackdelarna med droger. Om du letar efter gratis droginformation så är detta ganska vanligt om man använder sökmotorer som Google.

Om du har några frågor till oss på redaktionen så kan du mejla eller fylla i kontaktformuläret här så kontaktar vi dig så snabbt vi kan.
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Digital Marketing Tips For Tradies

The digital marketing tips for tradies in this article are going to point you in the right direction of the right sot of campaign. Anyone who is trying to get their business out there needs to find some new ways to be seen in the public eye. Every one of these steps will make it easier to get noticed in public with some simple marketing.


The Banner

Banner ads still work, and they provide tradies with the kind of exposure that is easy for people to see. Banner ads are going to change often, and you can put them at the top of any site. The banner ad services you purchase from a marketing company will help you get the best results possible for your business.

Side Ads

Side ads are more common when you put up ads using a service. The service will put up side ads on any page where your code is located, and you will discover that your side ads are easier for people to click. You want to be as slick as you can be, and you will get better results when you are on the side of the page.


You need to have variety in your ads to make sure you have all the options you can get. Put your ads on any website you can imagine, and make sure that you are working with a marketing company that is going to help you place your ads where you believe your customers will be.You want to get your company out there as much as possible, and you have to take different tactics than other tradies. Think about how many people will see your business, and remember that the company that helps you is going to manage all your ads to help you make money. For more information regarding SEO and Digital Marketing visit David Hallstroms website

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Benefits of Glass Protection for Your Pool Fence

An indoor or outdoor pool area can benefit from the high quality glass protection afforded by the easy to clean glass protection materials created and offered by a number of high quality installers. These easy to clean coatings can provide protection for a pool fence that can be tarnished by exposure to harsh chemicals, sunlight and extremes of weather. Being able to quickly clean and maintain a pool fence is an important part of repair for any pool owner, whether they are using the pool for leisure or commercial use. The high quality finish can often return a fence or other area to its original look and like new finish.

glass coating

Less cleaning time is needed for treated areas

One of the main benefits of treating fence areas is the fact that each time the area needs to be cleaned the average time for cleaning is lowered by treating the fenced area. Preparing a pool for the warmer months of the year when it will be in most demand can be lowered by up to 90 percent in terms of cleaning the fence and other treated areas. Environmentally friendly products are also available, which mean any pool owner can care for there fence and pool area without damaging the local environment. For more information about glass pool fencing visit Coastal Fencing www.Coastal-Fencing.Com.Au


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Reasons Why You Should Get Surface Protection

In 2010 I bought a brand new glass shower screen to our home. We recently moved in to our contemporary home and I liked the fact that I could see straight through the shower screens in the toilet and give the feel that the bathroom looked much larger than it actually was. Upon buying the screen I was recommended to a business that does surface protection in order to protect the interior and exterior. At first I was really skeptical to it but soon I realised that without a quality protection my glass was going to get dirty very fast!

So we contacted a company to come over and they explained that with their surface protection we would have nothing to worry about in terms of cleaning. Water stains will no longer get stuck to the window surface and create white patches. I decided to accept the offer and get them to install the protective coating. Now, few years down the track I can say it was one of the best decisions ever made. Our shower screen rarely require any cleaning and not only does the film repel water and scum, it also protects the glass from corrosion which has so far proven to be a great product.

Little that I knew about the benefits of glass protection, it came to my surprise that almost all areas of your home can be protected! We also decided to protect the windscreen of our car and apply a grout protection for the tiles in the bathroom to avoid discolouration.



Benefits of Protective Coating

I spoke to a few friends about the surface protection solution I bought and they were are familiar with the product. The protective coating can be applied to almost all surfaces and suit stones equally well. Protecting your interior and exterior against dirt, scum and soap will also mean a longer life expectancy for your product. The effective solution act as a shield and does not allow glass and other surfaces to corrode. If you wonder where the surface protection can be applied, visit this and look at their services for more information.

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How To Keep Your Lawn Healthy

Green and thriving lawns serve as a beautiful backdrop for family pictures, picnics, BBQ and parties. Plus it boosts the beauty of your home as well. Here are some tips to consider when it comes to keeping your lawn healthy. To install turf grass please view this guide.

1) One-Third Rule
Burnout occurs, whenever you trim too much of your grass’s blades. When this occurs, it stresses the lawn and the grass has a difficult time growing as an end result. A good rule of thumb to remember is that you should never remove more that 1/3 of the grass’s blades.
2) Expand Your Grass’s Rooting System By Letting It Occasionally Grow Out
If you live in an area that is prone to receiving droughts, let the grass on your lawn grow out for a while before you cut it. Why ? Whenever you have long grass blades, the roots grow deeper and the end result is that during a drought, the grass’s extensive rooting system will be able to compensate and your lawn will continue to thrive even with little to no rainfall.

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 8.50.23 pm

3) Ensure that Your Mower Blades Are Sharp
If your lawn mower has dull blades, ultimately it will batter the grass leaving chunks everywhere. Whenever you use sharp mower blades, your lawn’s appearance is enhanced and the grass will be able to recover much sooner.
4) Apply Fertilizer
If you want a healthy green lawn, applying a fertilizer is a must. It promotes the growth and glow of your grass and will make it more resistant to pests and diseases.

5) Eliminate A Problem At the Slightest Indication
If you notice various brown circles or dry areas in certain areas of your lawn, this is an indication of a problem such as a fungal disease and or insect infestation. As soon as you notice this, contact your local weed man professional for a solution before it jeopardizes your lawn’s overall health.

For more turf resources visit this website
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3 storage saving tips for any warehouse

When you own or run any kind of warehouse, you will notice that storage space can become limited very easily, and that can cause problems when new shipments come in and you can’t find a place to put any of your new items. These tips can help you maximize your space in your warehouse and to help ensure you or your company won’t lose any profit. For more storage solutions visit this website.

Having great organizing skills will help you out greatly when it comes to saving storage space. If you find you aren’t the best at organizing, you may need to ask an employee, a coworker, or hire an outside party. Organize similar items together, and find a system you can use to easily remember where the items are and where to put them at when new items arrive. With a good system of organizing in place, you should see a great increase in available storage space you can use.


When you have items that are damaged or can’t be sold, there is no reason to keep them around any longer. If the items can’t be returned to where they were purchased or fixed in house, you should recycle them if they can be recycled, otherwise, dispose of the damaged goods.

Have a Sale

If you’re the owner of the warehouse, and find you have lots of unsold items, organize a sale for customers to help unload some of the excess inventory. You may take a small profit loss, but you will be able to free up valuable space for new items, which could recoup any loss you may incur.

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Obstruction free glass

Why Glass Balustrade Is A Must

We have now extended our glass fencing options and proud to provide our customers with stylish glass balustrade. At Glass Fencing Sydney we understand that it is the small details changes we make that creates our homes identity . In addition to visual appeal, the small choices you make when building or remodelling your home contributes to the overall day-to-day liveability. Ask yourself, Is your home safe, functional and reliable all at the same time?

Our stunning glass balustrade can either be side mounted, spigot mounted or face fixed. When requested to do an inspection, we provide you with the options we think best suit your need and you are welcome to take a decision based on our response. Our glass balustrade are available both semi frameless and frameless depending on your need. The side mounted glass balustrade are just as strong as normal fencing using a 316 grade stainless steel pins.

If you had any doubts about the glass, don’t. At Glass pool fencing Sydney our pool Our toughed safety glass  is 4 to 5 times stronger than normal float glass. Add to this the strength of the spigots and our marine grade pins which have been tested in cyclone conditions, you’ve got a combination that will stand up to the most trying conditions.



Glass balustrades are striking and versatile – opening up decked areas to natural light and views, or giving indoor environments such as staircases a contemporary look. They are ideal for that extra bit of style and functionality without compromising on safety and security.   Done correctly, your balustrades will give you years of added safety while adding rather than detracting from your home.

If you are planning on installing a glass balustrade or get an expert to do it for you, always consult with us. We are able to provide you with “Checklists” and things you need to ask yourself before you get started. If you decide that you want us  to do the job for you, you can sit back and relax with peace of mind you will have a safe and beautiful fence in no time, delivered by professionals in the field and topped with list of workmanship and supply guarantee to top it up.

Contact us today for more information about our glass balustrade options and frameless glass pool fence or fill in the Quote on the website and tell us more about what you are after and one of our specialists in contact you when it suits you

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Pool Fencing Tips

Three Tips For Your next Pool Fencing Project

Tip 1) Prepare

The first thing you have to ask yourself is am I going to do this by myself or am I letting a professional doing it for me. Well, there are positives and negatives with each option. Letting a professional taking care of it you certainly are going pay a higher price, but then have the peace in mind that if something breaks in the early stages you always have a company to call.

Glass pool fencing Perth

By doing it yourself you are going to save a huge amount of money and honestly, with today’s technological advancement you don’t need to be a builder to set up a pool fence. All you need is a DIY kit and some pool and a great amount of time. DIY is becoming much more common as the price of labour these days are extremely high.

However if you are planning to build a glass pool fence by yourself you have to plan and prepare. can help you gather all the necessary tools and materials so that the installation runs smoothly. Taking the right measurements is key for a successful installation. You have to work out if you want Frameless glass fencing or Semi frameless pool fencing. If you are building a glass fence for stairs etc what size balustrade do you need.


Tip2) Safety

Sadly enough, toddlers drowning  pool are extremely common in Australia and specially in warmer cities like Perth where many more people have outdoor pools. By installing a glass pool fence you agree to go all the way and make it secure and meet all Australian standards set for pool fencing. Glass balustrade is another fencing that many times the security is undermined and can cause foreseen accidents in balconies or stairways. Different type of glass pool fencing have different standards that has to be met. For frameless glass fencing there are different type of glass with different thickness and the same goes for semi frameless glass.

Remember that going that extra mile and spending a little bit more money is going to be well worth it in the long run. After installing a glass pool fence you will must by law have your fence examined and by using the wrong material or safety measures you might not get a permission and a green light use the pool

Visit this website for more information and regulation about pool fencing in Sydney:


Tip3 ) How much should I spend?

Well that is a question we hear a lot but the final answer always lands on the customer, how much are you willing to spend on your pool. A semi frameless glass fencing is the cheaper option but also does not look as good as a balustrade glass or a frameless glass. In Perth, it is proven that a beautiful backyard does increase the value of your house, so installing a beautiful fence is definitely going to pay off in the long run. We suggest you to consult with your local real estate and ask them how much value a beautiful backyard and swimming pool fence adds to the total price of a house when decided to go into the market.

Occasionally when looking for a competitive price you come across vendors that can offer you by far less price than the competitors and this is a warning sign. The glass pool fencing business in Australia and specially Perth is very competitive. All vendors have basically pushed their prices to the limit. All products with significantly lower prices than competitors are most like imported fences and may not fulfil the though Australian standard on glass pool fencing. You can trust glass pool fencing Perth. We only give you genuine & honest advice and the rest is up to you.

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Glass balustrade

How to Build a Glass Balustrade

To give your home a stylish, modern and elegant look, consider placing a glass balustrade on your patio or deck. The glass balustrade is perfect for home-owners because it not only offers you a one of a kind look, it is extremely durable and functional as well. You can purchase the balustrade in a kit, and have it installed on your patio in no time at all. Here are some simple steps to help you to install the kit today.

Preparing the Railing
You need to properly measure the railing to ensure it is the proper length. After you have it cut to the proper length, simply lay the cut pieces of railing on the floor and mark the floor where you will be installing it. Once you have marked the spots on the floor where the railing will lay it is time to install the glass balustrade.

Installing the Railing and Frame
To begin installing the railing, simply mount all the support brackets to the floor and walls. It is important to contact a stud so the railing will hold properly. Use a level to make sure that the entire rail will be level once in place. Then begin to secure the bottom of the framework to the floor. As long as you follow the markings showed at that you made before laying the rail, the ends of the frames will properly match up. Once you have the framework in place, simply run the level over the entire project to ensure it is properly level.

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heat soaked

What Is Heat Soaked Glass?

Soaking glass in heat allows the temperature to become even throughout. This is a way of relieving stress at certain points in the item so it won’t crack or fracture. Heat soaking is usually done before and after the formation of the object in order to make it most malleable and durable.


This is the process of cooling a glass object, after it has been heated up and form into its desired shape. This must be done very carefully and slowly so as not to put any added stress on any of the weak points in the material. Once the glass has cooled to a certain temperature, it will be soaked in heat again to further reduce any underlying stress.

Maintaining Accurate Temperature

The viscosity of the glass is extremely important to the overall process in order to keep the object at its most durable and to ensure the final product is perfect. The annealing point is the temperature at which the glass is cooled, η = 10^13. At this point, the glass is too hard to deform as explained in but still within the range of usability. At η = 10^14.5, the strain point, the glass is very flexible and must be handled with caution. Also, the cooler the glass is, the less time it will take for stresses to relax. At the annealing point, stresses can take no more than ten minutes to settle. At the strain point, it can become a matter of hours.

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3 Ways To Keep Your Glass Fence Clean

There is nothing more beautiful than a glass fence enclosure around a swimming pool. However just like the windows in a house, they need to be properly cleaned and maintained. Keeping the glass fence clean is as easy as following a few easy steps.

No to cleaners but yes to soap and water

The first step to keeping the glass fence clean is as simple as saying no to glass cleaners. Glass cleaners have a tendency to leave behind a residue and to leave smears. Not only does this dull the natural beauty of the fence but it will block the sunlight too. The second step is to say yes to using soap and water. Regular dish soap and a bucket of water will work great in cleaning the fence. Apply the soapy water with a sponge and then rinse just like Rinsing with the hose will take no time at all. Also a low pressure wash will also aid in removing any debris that may be stuck on the fence. Drying is the easiest part of the whole task. The sun will dry the fence and it will not cause the fence to have any smudges and smears.

Glass treatment
Glass is a porous material and left untreated leaves it unprotected as well. Salt and choline can get into the holes of the glass causes not only the glass to become dull but weakens the glass as well. A glass treatment product will protect the glass and keep it shining.

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pool regulation

Pool Fencing Laws in Australia

AS 1926.1 Introduction

Australian Standard 1926.1 dictates that all States and territories in Australia will have laws that require fencing around a pool, even if it is a private facility. As glass pool fencing perth explains these laws were enacted in order to protect younger children from entering the area without the consent from the property owner. The Hills Shire Council issued a proclamation in 2010, which further built upon an original statute that was written in 1992, and directed owners of swimming pool to construct a barrier located immediately around the swimming pool area. This barrier must not contain any structures within its bounds that is not wholly ancillary to the direct function of the swimming pool. This means that the only structures that are allowed within the fencing barrier would be objects such as a diving board, ladder, filtration system, etc.

Reasoning Behind AS 1926.1

The regulation is a response to a series of concerns, incidents, and publications concerning public safety that have been trending in Australia for quite some time. An example of these publications is one written by Dr. John Culvenor, named “Design of Childproof Barriers to Prevent Falls from a Height in Public Places.” Within his publication, Culvenor explains that falling is the single highest factor to cause injury among children 0-4 years old. He says that between 1992-1993, falling led to the hospitalization of approximately 6642 young Australian toddlers. Falling is the cause of 33% of injuries for the mentioned age group. Culvenor further explains that the fall itself is not the cause of any extreme injury, and that the environment which the infant falls into presents the real hazard. Fatalities are most common for infants who fall into dangerous settings, such as a pool or street. He, and many others believed that constructing preventive barriers in these environments could reduce the number of fatalities among Australian infants. This belief is the reasoning behind Australia’s strict pool fencing laws enacted by AS 1926.1.

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