3 Ways To Keep Your Glass Fence Clean

There is nothing more beautiful than a glass fence enclosure around a swimming pool. However just like the windows in a house, they need to be properly cleaned and maintained. Keeping the glass fence clean is as easy as following a few easy steps.

No to cleaners but yes to soap and water

The first step to keeping the glass fence clean is as simple as saying no to glass cleaners. Glass cleaners have a tendency to leave behind a residue and to leave smears. Not only does this dull the natural beauty of the fence but it will block the sunlight too. The second step is to say yes to using soap and water. Regular dish soap and a bucket of water will work great in cleaning the fence. Apply the soapy water with a sponge and then rinse just like http://glasspoolfencingmelbournehq.com.au. Rinsing with the hose will take no time at all. Also a low pressure wash will also aid in removing any debris that may be stuck on the fence. Drying is the easiest part of the whole task. The sun will dry the fence and it will not cause the fence to have any smudges and smears.

Glass treatment
Glass is a porous material and left untreated leaves it unprotected as well. Salt and choline can get into the holes of the glass causes not only the glass to become dull but weakens the glass as well. A glass treatment product will protect the glass and keep it shining.